1 Dec

One of my friends bought my book (The Shameful Diary of a Hopeless Romantic, duh) and she said she was really enjoying it! Yeah baby! How sweet is that? I know, she’s my friend and has to say that but 8 other people (I assume friends) have also bought my book and no-one else has said a peep to me! EEK!

So as of today I have sold 9 copies of the book. Yeah, I bought one myself! I mean if I’m not going to support myself who else is?

I listed the book on November 28th and I think it became active on Amazon on the 29th. Right now it is # 23,818 Paid in Kindle Store. Doesn’t sound too great does it? But I started at like 118,000, so it is something. It is really exciting to kinda look at the numbers and stuff but I guess I can’t get too excited because I don’t have too many numbers changing as yet. Let’s hope that changes!

So, I am super excited. I am going to do a guest post on another blog (Diary of a Mad Fat Girl) tomorrow. It will be a mad fat Friday post and I was personally asked by Ace Jones herself! Btw, if you haven’t read the book you should. It’s funny and heartwarming and the author Stephanie McAfee is amazing! 🙂 (She gave me the impetus to actually self-publish my book). I will post a link to my guest post and the blog tomorrow so that you can enjoy that site as well.



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